SpyblasterSpyware Blaster is another way to work than the other spyware programs, SpywareBlaster does not remove spyware, it prevents the spyware on your PC is installed.

The program prevents the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, adware, browser hijackers, dialers, ...
It blocks spyware / tracking cookies in Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox and the possibility of potentially dangerous sites in Internet Explorer prevent.

Another advantage is that the program is not even on the background should participate, not unnecessarily loaded your system.

Spyware Blaster download from the website of Javacoolsoftware.

SpywareBlaster use


After installing Spyware Blaster boot.


  • Click Enable All Protection for the security to start.


Spyware Blaster allows you to take a snapshot of your browser settings. If your PC at any given time be taken by a piece of spyware, you can return it to your old settings.


  • Click in the blue menu on System Snapshot .
  • In the tab that comes choose Create new System Snapshot and click Go.
  • In the next screen fill in the field a name for the backup and then click Create Snapshot!

If you have spyware problems with your browser settings, you can get the backup back, this is done the same way as a back-up.


Spyware Blaster has an automatic update function. Allows you SpywareBlaster at each startup of the PC ask to go look for the latest version of the program. You always stay up to protect against new spyware. Unfortunately, this update function is not free.
The manual updates are free and can preferably once a week run. You do this in the following way.


  • Click in the blue menu on Updates. The tab that comes click on Check for Updates.

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