CopernicThe Web search is not always easy, especially if you search multiple search engines. With Copernic can be found on multiple search engines simultaneously, you will get a concise list. If you are looking for Belgian websites it is possible to do this with Copernic.
There are three versions, which Copernic Agent Basic version is free for the other two versions offer more features, but there must also be paid. On the website there are a number Copernic screen shots of the program to view.

The free version can be downloaded from the Copernic Web site. You can choose which language you want to install Copernic, unfortunately there is no Dutch version. During installation it asks if you want to have the ability to search within a region, you can opt for Belgian.

Search box set

Select download  region

Open from the menu Search/New Search New window.


In the Category field is chosen for the Web, if during the installation for the Belgian region is selected, you can choose The Web-Belgium.


Adding search engines

After the installation, not all search engines are added to the list.

  • Click Modify search engine settings.


This window shows the search engines to see which will be sought, by default they are not all checked in this window, you're able to do to do.
Below the number of search results per search engine made.

  • Click OK to return to the New Search window.

Also for the Category The Web Belgium this setting perform.

In the Search field, the search can be entered.

  • The field select "All words search", "each word search" or "search for exact words."
  • Click the Search button to start the search.

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