SpywareSpyware is a very annoying problem, that more and more computer users will face.
Small programs nestle themselves in your computer and keep track of where you surf and what you purchase online.
This type of information will be forwarded to the developer of the software, who offers an extensive archive of personal information, so targeted advertising can be sent to you.
Spyware is usually installed on the pc along with programs that are offered for free, KaZaA and Bonzi Buddy are a few examples of these.
In the user agreement it’s usually stated that the click brehavior is tracked, but who read these long texts.

Spyware prevention

  • Don't search but check whether a program contains spyware.
  • Make sure you regularly perform a  WindowsUpdate.
  • Install a virus scanner and firewall and update them regularly.

Spyware removal

What to do when your computer is infected?

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