What are newsgroups

NieuwsgroepenDownload via P2P programs is something that many people do. Download via newsgroups is less popular.
That is normal, because until recently it was not easy and could only advanced users are enthusiastic. But now there are ways to download from a newsgroup almost as easy as downloading from a p2p program. Download wiht a newsgroup is than an interesting alternative.

Newsgroups were originally designed as forums where you can discuss and ask questions. The Usenet (User Network) is still from the early days of the Internet. Originally it was intended for the exchange of text messages, but it was soon discovered that you also can share files. A file is converted into text and place you on the newsgroup. Other users get the text of the new group and put it back to a file. There are special newsgroups focused on the alt.binaries.
In recent years there are a number of programs making that make it easier for douwnload with newsgroups.

To download via newsgroups are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated respects to p2p programs.


  • You are not obliged to upload files.
  • Fast downloads because you're usually from the server of your provider download.
  • No fake files.
  • Little or no problems with firewalls and routers.


  • You are depending on what is posted and remain usually only a few days. You must be fast, if something is what interests you.
  • Less user-friendly.
  • The offer is less easily searchable.
Download programs

To download with newsgroups, you have a number of programs. Below is a short description about it. For a comprehensive guide click on the button next step.


We opt for the program through news groups Grabit to download, it's free and suitable for beginners. There are two ways discussed. The traditional way and a faster way with NZB files.
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With this program you can as there Par2 files are posted, check the files completely and without errors downloaded. It is also possible for the missing or corrupt files with Par2 repair.
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This program allows you to display what, where and when they on Usenet posts. It is also possible to use this post to respond to each other and, for example fills or re-posts to ask the poster. It is a program that where you many posts on usenet can find and have direct contact with the poster.
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Most of the downloaded files packed archive files with the extension. Rar. With program WinRAR archives can be unpacked.
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Intrested got to learn through newsgroups to download? Would you start at the beginning, click on the button Grabit.

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