EverestLook under the engine hood of your PC. "Everest Home Edition" is the replacement of the more famous Aida32.
With Everest, you really know everything about your PC. Everest light your hardware and software provides very complete and concise reports. Some benchmarks and plug-ins give you a good idea of the performance of the memory and hard disks. There are three versions available. Everest Home Edition is free. For the home user requirements this version.

Everest stop information modules in different parts. They are often the obvious.
The "Motherboard" compiles all about the chipset and memory sticks. And the "Screen" gives access to data on the graphics processor and video settings.

A list of web links for background information is useful, you can immediately find out whether there is a newer upgrade for the bios, or new drivers for peripherals. Also changes in start-up routines.

Everest can provide more information, such as registration keys software and a list of patches through Windows Update was downloaded.

The program download

Unfortunately Lavlys since 05/12/2005 stopped the free version "Everest Home Edition."

But fortunately you can still download the program from the following locations.

Location 1
Location 2

Change Language

It is possible to change languages after installation. Click on File/Preferences, you get the following window.


Here you can choose your language.

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