ShareazaShareaza is a program that aims to share files over the Internet. You can your own files share with someone else and allows you to download other files. This goes with any file type. Shareaza is free and contains no spyware.

The program can connect to four different networks, Gnutella, Gnutella2, eDonkey2000 and BitTorrent.

On the website of Shareaza you will find a help-website. I will not write a manual but a number of other aspects of the program.

Op de website van Shareaza.sourceforge kan je de laatste versie downloaden.
Klik op Download Shareaza x.x.x.x.Now.


If you use a router, you will need to open up port 6346 for both UDP and TCP protocol. What you should do you find in the manual of your router. Or see more information on  Router & Firewall

There should, of course, a connection to the Internet.
Double-click the icon on the desktop appears after installation.

eDonkey servers download

If it is the first time you start the program you need to use the eDonkey network servers first download otherwise you can not download.

  • Click the right mouse on the Menubar/Host Cache.


  • Right-click in the white window and click on Met Downloaden.



  • Click OK. There is list of servers in the window


  • Click on Tools/Shareaza Settings


  • This window should automatically connect at startup is checked and the
    Speed: KB / sec set.


  • In the box, Peer to Peer Shortcut Approach: best you can tick all the boxes. If you are downloading website with Sig2datlinks to automatically start the program.


The speed of the Inbound and Outbound address.
For an ADSL line with a speed of 3.3 mb/sec is
Inbound Address: 384.00 KB/sec
outbound Address: 16,00 KB/sec


  • In the box Bandwidth: set the mode to maximum, this means that the set limit the maximum upload per user.


Here it is important that the box eDonkey 2000 Network: the boxes Today connect to eDonkey and connect Always been ticked. Otherwise, every time you start the program the eDonkey 2000 network you have to connect manually.

Downloads with Sharaza often archive files with the extension ". Rar. These files can unpack it with WinRar.

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