mp Trim

MPtrimThe program mpTrim can make MP3 files smaller and edit in a simple way.

  • mpTrim can remove silences and  unwanted parts, especially useful at the beginning and end of MP3's.
  • The volume can automatically or manually changed (volume normalization).
  • With mpTrim can the MP3's fade in and fade-out effects can be added.
  • The cut out certain frames allows you to discard unwanted tones and sounds.
  • mpTrim keep the music quality intact, no matter how often the MP3 will be edited.
  • mpTrim works directly on MPEG areas.
  • mpTrim purifies the MP3 files to make free room on your hard disk.

The Save As-option allows edited MP3's to save under a different name so the originals do not accidentally destroyed.mpTrim is gratis, mpTrim Pro is de betaal versie, die langere bestanden kan bewerken.

Download the program from the website mptrim.
After the installation you can use mpTrim in a different language, download the file from mpTrimLocalization. Place the file in the root of mpTrim.


The program is so easy to use that no further comment is needed.

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