CWShredderCoolWebSearch (CWS) is a collection of browser hijackers or homepage hijackers who you link to or other CWS-related sites. CWS fits your homepage in Internet Explorer. Because CWS difficult to remove manually, there is a program that made this kind of hijackers to remove CWShredder. The stand alone version is free.

CWShredder can be downloaded from the website of Intermute. Choose the stand alone version.

Use CWShredder

The program is not installed on the PC and can therefore be started after the download by clicking the icon.
If there is a Windows security warning is you can quietly ignore it and then click Run.


First check for new updates. Click Check For Update.
Then you can let the program scan to CoolWebSearch that you can delete.


For removal of CWS variants that can not be fixed by CWShredder:
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More information is available on the website marcvn.

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