Bin & Cue files

Bin & CueFrom an image, you can write back a normal CD.
An image usually consists of two files.

  • Extension *.bin
  • Extension *.cue

These two files together an exact copy of a CD and you need to write to a CD. Often is a bin file larger than 700Mb (size of a CD), but if it is written on the CD is smaller.

Usually there is an info file with the extension *. fno, as this extension becomes *. txt then you can open and read the info file.

First and foremost, you must download and bin cue files and put them in the same folder.
You can write a CD with the Nero program. Open the program and the new compilation wizard opens, choose Cancel.

For Nero 5 in the menu bar you go to the File tab and choose Burn image.

Nero 6 you go in the menu bar to the Recorder tab, and choose Burn Image.

It opens a dialog box, go to the folder where your bin and cue file are saved and open the cue file.
It opens a new dialog box that the same is different than if you write a CD, you should really only choice for CD burning.

If an error is there is usually something wrong with the cue file. No problem, don't delete the downloaded files. The error is in the cue file.
You can check the cue file is wrong.
Change to the extension *. cue in *. txt, you can now open the file as text.

In this text file, but a few lines of text. The name of the bin file in the text exactly as it is responsible, it is usually the fault, it is perhaps a point or a dash (-, _) that is wrong but it works or not. Do not forget to change the extension back to *. cue. I have had only two times that the cue file was wrong and have always in this way can solve.

Another tip, always burn the first CD on a rewritable CD, as it does not work you have not a bad CD

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