SpybotSearch and destroy spyware. SpyBot Search & Destroy has a good reputation for detecting and destroying spyware and advertising programs. As Ad-Aware Spybot is a free program developed in Germany by a student of computer sciences. Spybot can be set in multiple languages.

You can download Spybot from download.com

Using Spybot

After the installation there is a desktop icon, double click on it.
If Spybot for the first time started, asking for to take a full backup of the registry. This is definitely recommended.


  • Click Search for updates.


In this screen you can check which updates you want to run.

  • If you have one or more boxes checked, then click Download updates.
  • After the updates are downloaded and installed click on Search & Destroy.
  • Click on Check all, Spybot is check your PC for spyware.


On the list you can specify which applications are to be removed by SpyBot.

  • Click Repair problems.

During the repair of problems Spybot removes the files not, they are put qaurantaine. If after the removal of some spyware programs do not work anymore you can still restore files. The program can be closed.

Files restore

Run Spybot and click Restore.


  • In the boxes you can check which registry keys you want to place back.
  • Click Restore cross products.

After recovering, the program can be closed.

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