AresAres may be an alternative to KaZaA, it has its growing popularity due to the slow demise of KaZaA, which plagued many nepbestanden. The Ares/Wares network is still as good as free of fake files.

Ares is an excellent program, it contains no unnecessary bells and whistles. The functions and operation seems very KaZaA, you can switch without habituation problems. The program works better and easier than KaZaA. For beginners Ares is an outright winner.

Ares KaZaA users will find a good alternative. The number of simultaneous users currently online is currently around 1.5 million.

Originally Ares was one of the many Gnutella programs, but then started its own network. Since 2004, the program has become quite popular. There is also the second program called Warez that uses the Aresnetwerk, bringing the number of users have increased sensitivity.

Warez is the commercial version of Ares. It offers more features than Ares, but also contains the necessary advertising. We are here not go into that.
Ares is free of spyware and advertising.

Features within Ares

  • Advanced messaging.
  • A private chat room to create and share files with friends instantly.
  • Built-player that can play current downloads.
  • The files available in several different ways you can organize and control in the Library.
  • File lists of other users can be divided into albums, artists etc.
  • There is a lite version available, better run under Windows 98 and ME
  • Uitgebreide chatfunctie.

Ares downloaden

Here you can download Ares  aresgalaxy

Installing Ares


During the installation you need to pay attention. During installation in the dialog box asked for additional programs to install for Internet Explorer, you can indicate that you do not want extras. Desktop shortcut can be checked.

Ares use

After installation start the program by double clicking the icon on the desktop, Ares appeared. If you are behind a firewall, the program will ask for permission to use Ares on the Internet Committee.

Ares forum

Recently a Dutch forum started, where you can find solutions to your questions.

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