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Router FirewallWith a firewall you can protect your PC and network from unwanted Internet traffic from outside. Firewalls are used to keep hackers outside the door. In addition the firewall make sure you are not visible on the Internet, you are first specific authorization. But sometimes a firewall hold also wanted guests outside and thats not what we want. Fortunately we can solve that by opening up ports.

Each computer has 65,535 ports, they are not on the back of the pc, the ports are used for Internet traffic. Each program on your PC that connects to the Internet use one or more ports to communicate on the internet.

If you have any ports open allows unwanted guests on your PC hack, there is a firewall, which ensures that all ports remain closed. But the programs that communicate with the Internet should be a number of ports open, how it works we will discuss.

There are two types of firewalls

  • Software based firewalls
  • Hardware firewalls

Software based firewalls

Windows XP has a built-in firewall, which does not comply there are some alternatives to the Windows firewall, you must utilize your Windows XP firewall off, this is done through "Start/ControlPanel/SecurityCenter/WindowsFirewall".
Free alternatives to the Windows firewall are:

  • ZoneAlarm is the best known and most widely used firewall. The Standard can be downloaded for free. The installation and configuration is very simple.
  • Sunbelt Personal Firewall free, but limited to 30 days. After the installation work Kerio Personal Firewall as a full version. After 30 days, the trial changed to a free version that certain restrictions, such as blocking pop-up screens, checking VB scripts, cookies and other additional applications.

If you have a firewall installed and there is a program that the first time a connection to the internet trying to make the firewall marks and prevent this. There will be a window on your screen with the question of whether the program will be allowed to connect to the Internet. If you give permission, the firewall ports that the program needs access so that it can communicate with the Internet.

Hardware firewalls

Routers are usually equipped with a hardware firewall may be that firewall on the router yet activated.
If you start a program that connect to the internet the firewall will not allow it keep all gates closed. You will need to open ports manually, you do this in the settings of your router. How to do this depends on the brand of the router, you can find in the manual of your router. Either on the website to find a description for almost all brand routers.

Firewall settings

You give your firewall that information be sent to your router through a given port may be forwarded to a specific pc.

  • Number of the port.
  • Protocol, TCP and UCP.
  • IP address of the PC.
Port numbers and protocol of P2P programs
ShareAza6346TCP en UDP

Ip address of the pc

Can you obtain the following way.

  • Go to Start/Run.
  • Type in the box cmd and click OK.
  • There appear a DOS window.
  • Type ipconfig and press Enter in your keyboard.

 Router & Firewall

  • You will see the ip address of the PC that you need. In the example,

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