MP3MP3 is a digital audio format. MP3 is an abbreviation for MPEG Layer 3, MPEG which in turn is the abbreviation of Motion Pictures Group.

With MP3’s certain sound  information, which are barely perceptible to the human ear, are omitted. Therefore, the digital data take much less space on, for example, an audio CD. Where a normal song in audio format (WAV file) on average takes over 50 MB,  after MP3 compression that is only on average 5 MB.
This is why on a CD-ROM a dozen normal music CD’s can be brought together.
Moreover you can use MP3’s in portable MP3 players. These MP3 players have no moving parts, and are therefore ideal during sporting.

MP3 Programs

Audiograbber: converts audio CD’s to MP3 audio format.
MP3Gain: equalizes the sound volume of a full CD.
MP3Trim: editing MP3 files.
MP3DirectCut: editing MP3 files.

Interesting sites

On the Internet you can find a number of interesting websites with information about MP3 audio format.

On the website from museekster you will find information about MP3 cases.
Then click above in the blue menu bar on MP3 business. On this website you will find many interesting things like MP3 CD burning, editing MP3’s, on MP3 players, etc.

On the Dutch site it’s even described how you can make MP3’s from your old LP’s and cassettes.

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