QuickParIf you download files from newsgroups can it be that there are pieces missing or corrupt. With the program QuickPar can you when

there are Par2 files posted, check the files completely and without errors downloaded. It is also possible the missing or corrupt Par2 files to repair.

You can download QuickPar on www.quickpar.org.uk. There is a Dutch version.

Installing the program is easy so there is not further gone into. If after installing the program startup, you can close it.

If you have no experience with newsgroups, you can start with the beginning of the manual.

Files check and repair

  • Open the folder where the files have downloaded. You will find files with the extension .par2


  • Double-click a file xxx.par2, Quickpar The program will start.


  • Quickpar will now check the files.


  •  If no files are incomplete you get the above picture to see. QuickPar has his work done and you can close the program.
    But ... if you get the below standing figure we will continue with QuickPar.


  • Click Repair, with the Par2 files QuickPar will try to repair the incomplete files.

    If all went well you can close the program. Often the files are packed and have the extension ". rar". How you can extract these files you can read on the page of WinRar.

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Is not possible to restore

Is the restore failed then you or someone else can ask the poster for additional par2 files to put on the server system.
Usually it's enough for a few days to wait, and then again on the newsgroup to search for additional par2 files.

However, you can also join a "community" to the extra par files to demand. You'll easily find what the last days is post and reactions to read, or post a comment on itself. To find out how it works click FTD ³.

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