Ad-AwareThe German program Lavasoft Ad-Aware is one of the first that entered the fight with spyware. Ad-Aware has all modern weapons for remove spyware from your system. The Ad-Aware 2008 Free version is free and ample for home users.
Ad-aware allows spyware immediately remove or quarantine sites, possibly with a backup of the Registry if there are changes it.

Download the latest version of Lavasoft here.
After the installation is at a desktop icon, double click on it to start the program.


Change Language


  • Click Settings.
  • Click on the UI tabs.
  • Under language file, you can select the language you preferred.

Ad-Aware up-daten

The downloaded version of Ad-Aware is usually relatively recent but it can not hurt to always scan to check for an update.

  • Click Webupdate.
  • There is a new window appears, click Connect in the next window, click OK. After the update, you get following window.


Through institutions, it is possible to update to your personal wish to make, for the ordinary user is not necessary to amend. 

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet and right click on Update. The following screen appears when the definition file is updated.


  • Click OK to updating

File Scan

Click Scan, like the bottom of the window we can see in step one of the three steps. There are three possibilities:

  • Smart scan: the main components such as scanning the registry, processes and selected system folders. Takes little time.
  • Full scan: perform a thorough scan of the entire system. Can take some time depending on the size of your system and speed of your PC.
  • Custom scan: this option can be used only when the Plus or Pro version of Ad-Aware installed. 

 In the window is chosen for a full scan.


  •   Right click on Scan.


 In step two, the progress of the scan followed. After scanning, the following screen.


In the third step, the spyware removed.
In fact, you should check exactly what he found and whether all that can be removed. But in many cases you already know that software is not at all. Usually can be removed without problems.

  • In the tab "critical objects" and "Privacy Objects" takes you back any spyware can be removed.
  • To select all, right click on any of the items and then select all objects.
  • Before you remove the spyware can you doubt a restore point, you can do by clicking on the System Restore tab Better way for a system to carry this out through your windows, how can you do that you'll find here on the site or PcHelpen.
  • Click on Quarantine, Ad-Aware, the files are not deleted, but put in quarantine. If after the removal of some spyware programs do not work anymore you can still restore files.

The program can then be closed.

Files restore

Start Ad-Aware

  • Click Scan.
  • Click on Scan for Quarante. and Ignore planner.


  • Select the file you want to insert and click Restore.

Once the file is restored, you can close Ad-Aware.

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