eMuleeMule is from the open source eDonkey. eMule eDonkey network is the most use because it has more settings, advertising and spyware free. eMule Dutch can be set.

eDonkey is also working with the eD2Klinks system. Various sites publish these links with a click a download via eDonkey can start. Especially convenient and safe because it prevents you download a fake file.

Like Shareaza is not fast but everything is there to find you can not think of it is downloadable. A loose mp3's, you will not find as many as KaZaA, this is especially for large files.

If you're behind a router you will see a number of ports should be opened up otherwise you do not get high ID. In the manual of your router is described how to do it.










The program can be downloaded from the eMule website. Click on Download and choose the installer v0.xxx, this link does not work always.
It can also directly through this link. In the table download, you can choose where you want to download.

Installation and setup

There are several website with information about installing and setting eMule

emule-project.net eMule help site.
dutchemulefaq.tk, Dutch site, here you will find in detail everything about the program eMule.

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