CCleanerCCleaner removes unused and temporary files such as non-working shortcuts, recycle bin, temporary Internet files, cookies, history etc. .. The PC is faster, work more efficiently and space is freed up.

If your program installs and a while later removed remain in the registry still registry keys behind. In this way know the programs you have installed a trail when they have expired.
In CCleaner is a feature for your registry scanning ActiveX controls, ClassID's invalid references and more.
Removal from the register should be done with caution. It is always advisable to first create a restore point using system restore.
During the clearing of the register asks CCleaner to a backup file to create. Make sure, you must own the folder indicate where the backup file to be stored.

CCleaner is free and downloadable from the site of CCleaner.

After installation, there is an icon on the desktop appears, double click on it.

Windows and Applications clearance

Best you make before you start using a system restore point.


In the Windows Applications tab are a number of boxes checked, CCleaner will clean up what both tab browsing is marked. You can leave default settings, you can of course also like but this is not normally required.

  • Click Analyze. CCleaner is now Windows and applications analysis, there is nothing removed.


CCleaner appeared in the right panel all unnecessary files. Top of the list is how many MB can be removed, in this case is 212.9 MB.

  • Click Clear to delete the files.

Registry Cleanup

The clearance must register separately done.

  • Click the Errors tab.
  • Click right on Scan to errors.


After scanning errors CCleaner they are not removed, what you want to delete you checked.

  • Click Restore selected errors.


CCleaner calls for a backup file to make any changes to the registry will be implemented. It is recommended to click Yes. If subsequently a program goes wrong you can still place the backup file back.
You are going to decide where the CCleaner backup file should be saved. I have a folder in the root of CCleaner.

  • Click Save.


All the boxes you checked, you can restore one or all at once restore to Restore all selected errors clicks.
The program can then be closed.

Backup file locations

If after this problem with a program, the backup file be restored.
Go through the windows explorer to the folder where the backup file is saved, double-click the file. This removed the errors back in the register placed.

Exclude files and folders

Drive, folder, file, and even registry keys that you want to exclude from scanning.

  • Click Options, and then the left button Exclude.


  • Click Add on the right.


Here we have the ability to drive, folder, file, registry keys, add to the exclude list.
By settings Drive or folder can be chosen for All files or only the File types that yourself can enter into the input field.

CCleaner update


Click on the link Search for updates to check if a newer version is available. It opens a Web page from which you can download the latest version.
To install the latest version you do not remove the old, just to ensure that the new program is installed in the folder where the old version is responsible, which is overwritten.

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