mp3DirectCutCut and paste with mp3DirectCut. It is a small program of 162 kB with many opportunities, allows you to go directly into an MP3 file without change them first to another format, it works fast and there is no quality lost. It is useful, for example, to get silences from a music file or change the volume.
One advantage is that it can be used very carefully, MP3 is graphically where you can zoom. Not only you can use the mouse for indicate regions in an MP3, you can also zoom in and move frame by frame. MP3 files they are encoded with variable biratio can be edited with this program.

Installing the Program

From the website  mpesch3 can mp3DirectCut downloaded.

The simplest is to create in "C:\Program Files" a folder with the name mp3Directcut. Unpack the downloaded zip file in this directory.

After unpacking the program install by double clicking on the file mp3Directcut.exe during the installation will be asked in which language mp3DirectCut must be installed, you can choose the Dutch or English language.

During installation, there is no icon on the desktop and Start Menu/Programs placed. This will yourself to do.

program use

MP3 file loading

Double-click the icon mp3DirectCut.
Click on File/Open.


The window consists of four parts: MPEG-window, Navigate, Edit and Audio.
The MPEG-window (blue bars) shows the sound volume. The pauses and silences are so easily recognizable.

Cutting Line (Cue) and make a selection field

On a cutting line (Cue) may later begin a new sound clip.
A selection box will delete the selected sound clip.


  • To begin navigate with the scroll bar, with the Play button you can listen to the recording until the first desired cut line.
  • For fine tuning, click the left mouse button in the MPEG window. There is a blue line in the window shown.
  • Click the button "=>|.." plays the sound a few seconds before the cut line until the line and the button "..|=>" a few seconds after. Here you can accurately determine the position of the cutting line.
  • By click the right mouse button in the MPEG-window can the end of the selection sets and create a selection field with a light blue color.
  • The sound you can check using the "=>|...|=>", selection is beaten. You can accurately determine the selection field.

Edit Cut line and selection field


After a cut line or selection field is made they can be edited.

  • Click the Cut button and the selection is cut. The current selection is colored orange, an older brown. In the figure above is a cut line brown and the current field orange colored.

Cut line and selection field select and delete

  • The selections in the scroll bar identified by the brown color,with a mouse click, they can be directly selected.


  • Another way is by clicking on the list, all the cutting lines (cue) and selection fields (cut) will be see in a list.
  • click on one of the selections, it is orange. In order to cut operation to remove click on the Edit button, the selection is returned orange and cut operation is removed.

Fade-in and Fade-out

For example, at the beginning of a recording a fade-in to obtain, there must a selection field made as described above.

  • Click in the menu bar Edit/Gain.


  • The left slide bar set the volume at the beginning of the field selection and the right slider to the end of the selection.
  • For a fade-in to obtain simple click on the button Fade in, and exit with OK.


File(s) Save

  • In File/Save split make at each cut line (Cue) a new MP3 file and removed the cut selection fields.
  • File/Save All will make an MP3 file, the cut selection fields are removed and the cutting lines are ignored.
  • Larger projects can be saved as File/Save Project file/Cue sheet on, it all changes in a log stored without changes to the original MP3 file. This would later be further worked on the project.

Automatic cutting lines places

Through Special/Auto Cue function open.


It can automatically cut lines are placed at preset time.

Silence detection

  • Edit /Silence Detection function open.


  • If the sound volume for a certain time under a set level, a cut line positioned. The parameters can be set.

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